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From zero to ... a great disc


Gathering experience by holding and handling 10's of  1000's of discs and studying all flight characteristics.


Creating the first design and drawings.


3D-printing the first ever K9-DISC

and having it tested on handling,

flight pattern and bite-resistance.


Ordering a custom made mold according to  engineered drawings by specialist toolmakers.


Acquiring assistance about plastics

 and their characteristics by the best

 in the  field. Testing different types

of plastic  by a multitude of renowned

players with years of experience and  receiving their feedback for adaptations.


Finally the first batch was "born". Permanent Quality Control will ensure you the best product at all times.


This permanent Quality Control together with the progressive insights of our partner Antoma, we have tried multiple options, some of which never made production for various reasons. 


Now we evolved to 3 types of plastic, 7 to 8 colors in two types and 3 colors in our newest addition,  and we are still continuously searching for new solutions or innovations to make your dog's experience even better.

Family Portrait anno 2018


Without giving away all the goodies, we will offer you an insight in the design features that makes this disc different from all other models currently available.


Dimples are the most obvious and came from a more developed sport, namely golf and specifically golf balls. They reduce the drag on the top of the disc, creating better aerodynamical coefficients.












Size and weight were also thought of very well to fit nicely in the hand and be easy to throw.


Different plastics for different dogs, mainly focusing on bite resistance for one type and on handling for the other type.


Sandblasted for better grip in wet conditions and to counter the saliva production having an effect on the grip. The icing on the cake is the logo on inside of the disc which is not centered on purpose.








Obviously those are only a few key indicators towards the stability of the disc and it's easy glide...


To provide a safe and consistent disc for

all breeds to enjoy at every level !




Find out everything about our philolophy and design features.


Product details and different types of plastic are what you find on this page.


Discover our points of sale.


Reviews of the test group and customers.


For all competitive players, these formats have already agreed to  accept our products:

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